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A private setting is best for relaxation. So each of our chalets has its own spa, for the exclusive use of residents. Equipped with sauna, sanarium, outdoor whirlpool, massage and bucket showers, Kneipp basins, massage room and relaxation area, as well as a terrace offering views of the Matterhorn, they have all the facilities you need for the refreshment of soul, body and spirit.

On request, our experienced therapists are available, offering effective massages and carefully selected essences to help you on the path to natural equilibrium. Book your personal CERVO revitalisation programme and look forward to spending time in a wellness paradise! Please contact our Reception for bookings.

Massages, treatments and personal trainings may be cancelled until 9 am prior to the treatment day. Any later cancellations or No-Show will be charged to the full amount.

Massage - Relax

This classic Swedish massage uses lighter, thytmic, flowing strokes to treat over worked and fatigued muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation and promotes relaxation.

50 minutes, CHF 140.–
90 minutes, CHF 260.–

Massage - Deep Tissue

This whole body massage is a fusion of deep tissue massage and the stimulation of pressure points to help release chronic tension from aching muscles and improve range of movement. This treatment is adjusted to suit each guest`s individual needs.

50 minutes, CHF 140.–
90 minutes, CHF 260.–

Massage - Intensive Back and Neck Treatment

An intensive back and neck massage concentrated on reducing stress and loosening tension.

25 minutes, CHF 75.–
50 minutes, CHF 140.–

Massage - Après-ski / Après-hike

Enjoy either an invigorating, or relaxing leg and foot massage, the perfect treatment after a tiring day on the slopes of hiking trails.

25 minutes, CHF 75.–
25 minutes, CHF 140.–

Massage - Jet Lag

Aimed at inducing deep relaxation, encouraging better sleep patterns and gently soothing away aches and pains, this restorative treatment includes a head and foot massage.

90 minutes, CHF 260.–

Massage - Hot Stone

This therapeutic massage with warm, smoothed lava stones reduces stress and tensions in the body. The warmth of the stones enhances circulation and allows us to work deeper into your muscles.

50 minutes, CHF 160.–
90 minutes, CHF 280.–

Massage - Complete Recovery

This is the massage for the champions of the slopes. Firstly you will receive a deep tissue massage with stimulation of trigger points to loosen tension in the muscles, this will be followed by a combination of passive stretching and some muscle energy techniques. Guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for your next day on the mountain. Please wear underwear for this treatment.

90 minutes, CHF 260.–

Massage - Reflexology

A specialized, intensive foot massage treatment using an ancient Chinese healing method in which specific organs and parts of the body are stimulated by applying pressure point massage to the corresponding reflex point on the feet. This treatment promotes deep relaxation, enhances sleep quality and has an amazing healing and detoxifying effect on both body and soul.

25 minutes, CHF 75.–
50 minutes, CHF 140.–

Massage - Oil

Please choose your preferred essential oil blend to enhance the benefits of your massage experience: (we use almond oil as a carrier oil, please inform us if you may be allergic to this oil or any of the essential oils listed below)

soothing and relaxing: lavender 
calming and uplifting: mandarin
warming, energizing and grounding: a blend of ginger, sweet orange and frankincense
invigorating, decongesting and enhancing circulation: a blend of rosemary, pine, lemongrass and black pepper

Personal Training - Core Killer

30 minutes hard work for your core. This work out will take place in your hotel room.

30 minutes, CHF 75.-

Personal Training - Cardio Ass Challenge

Work out with pulse measurement. Cardio - and leg training. This work out will be at the gym. The above mentioned price includes the entry fee to the gym.

60 minutes, CHF 160.-

Personal Training - Winter Power Walk

Enjoy the snowy winter landscape.

60 minutes, CHF 140.-

Medical Treatments - Physiotherapy

Sports massage combined with manual therapy and advice to address injury or chronic pain. Techniques are selected according to your specific needs. This is a more focused treatment, performed by a qualified physiotherapist to relieve pain in problem areas or to aid injury prevention via restoration of musculoskeletal balance.

50 minutes, CHF 140.-

Medical Treatments - Osteopathy

A natural therapy that uses manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to treat imbalance in the body and disease. Osteopathy is suitable for all ages and stages of life and is useful in treating many problems and conditions including back, shoulder and knee pain, tendinitis and headaches.

We can arrange an appointment for you at the Osteopath`s practice: duration 30 minutes I CHF 120.- (to be paid cash at the practice).

Subject to his availability, in the case of an emergency he can also visit you here at the hotel: duration 40 minutes: CHF 220.-.


Yoga is an ancient science involving and training the body as well as the mind. The Sanskrit word "Yoga" translates "association", a harmonious interplay of body and soul in all aspects of life. The physical exercises improve the posture of the entire body, counter back problems and at the same time it has a calming and relaxing effect. Enjoy a private or group lesson together with Valerie at the CERVO!


Beginner to Advanced

Number of participants
from 2 and until 7 participants

60 minutes

by 4 p.m. on the day before at the reception

Meeting at reception
Good weather: CERVO outdoor area
Bad weather: SPA in Chalet V

Fixed dates
Sunday, 8 a.m.

CHF 24.00 per Person



Beginner to Advanced

60 or 90 minutes

by 4 p.m. on the day before at the reception

according to your wishes

60 minutes CHF 130.--
90 minutes CHF 180.--

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