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More beautiful than ever, and as good as it always was


Boasting 14 Gault-Millau points, our restaurant with its big sun terrace has been renovated and shines with renewed splendour. The new name and the bright and friendly interior invite curiosity; a glimpse of the richly varied menu, with a native Alpine character and a hint of northern Italy, wakens the appetite. Here you will find delicacies fresh from the market and sustainably produced, together with a comprehensive selection of suitable wines to go with the meal.


winter menu


Diva Apple Salad 20.-
with celery, caramelized walnuts, parsley and cowberry dressing

Lamb's lettuce 24.-
poached free range egg, truffle vinaigrette, sourdough croutons, Belper Knolle

Char {Waadtländer Riviera, CH} 28.-  
marinated with hot lemon oil, pointed paprika, garlic, caper and herbs

Tartar {free range, CH} 28.- | 44.-
of swiss beef fillet with grilled baguette

Wild duck rillette {FR} 20.-
with focaccia of sourdough and cranberry jam


Consommé {free range, CH} 18.-
of Swiss venison with venison ravioli and thyme


Octopus {wild caught, ITA} 28.-
slowly cooked for 12h in herbal oil, dried apricots from Valais, dried tomatoes, fermented garlic, mint and lime

Bone Marrow {free range, CH} 20.-
baked in the oven with sweetbread, mountain herbal salad, red onions, fried capers and grilled bread


Short Ribs {free range, Luma, CH} 24.-
of beef, braised and glazed with red cabbage salad, mustard seeds and mayonnaise with thyme



"THE PASTA" 24.- | 34.-
Strozzapreti with red tomato pesto, fried garlic, pine seeds, herbs, chili, Maggia pepper

Aquarelle Risotto 24.- | 34.-
with Parmesan 30 months aged

Spaghetti Granano 28.- | 38.-
in white wine tomato brew, with snow crab


Pumpkin-Boletus 24.- | 34.-
with sage butter

Brasato 26.- | 36.-
with thyme jus

Ricotta 24.- | 34.-
with mountain herbs and Pecorino Romana


Daily Caught 180gr. Fresh or Saltwater 44.-
sautéed in olive oil with grilled lemon, capers, leek, tomatoes, herbs and garlic **


OSSOBUCCO {free range, Holzenfleisch, Ennetbürgen NW} 48.-
of veal, braised in jus of Barolo, Bramata polenta, gremolata and braised vegetables


Pork 250 gr. {free range, CH} 39.- *
massage chop, celery pear chutney and Piedmont hazelnuts **

Spare Ribs 400gr {free range, Luma, CH} 44.-
marinated, of veal, garlic ginger marinade, Padron peppers **

Beef Filet 180gr. {free range, CH} 52.- *
grilled, with dried fig-honey chutney and herbal butter **

** Side dishes 9.-
risotto | potato puree | Bramata polenta | leaf spinach | fried mushrooms with balsamico | CERVO Fries {with truffle oil and parmesan}


Refined Cheese 18.-
from Jumi, with apricot chutney, fig mustard & Zermatt mountain guide bread


Crema catalana 14.-
Seraina‘s classic "Villa les Rosiers"

Café Gourmand 18.-
chocolate cake, crema catalana, sorbet, coffee or espresso

Felchlin Chocolate 0% 33% 66% 99% 16.-
Cocoa fruit sorbet, chocolate mousse hot & cold, caramelized caramel crackers, chocolate biscuit

Blood Orange 16.-
sorbet, lemoncurd, meringue and shortbread with olive oil


CERVO Burger {100% Angus dry aged, free range, CH} 42.-
with baby spinach, roasted onions, BBQ and aioli sauce, CERVO Fries {with truffle oil and parmesan}

CERVO Fries 19.-
with truffle oil and parmesan {18 months aged}


Daily from 07.00 - 10.30am

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Enjoy the delicious buffet with many à la carte dishes and start your day with a lot of energy and energy.

Breakfast menu



Daily from 12.00 - 04.00pm
Afternoon from 04.00pm small menu

Enjoy a delicious lunch on our sunny terrace or in our cosy restaurant CERVO Puro. We are located at the bottom of the valley run. After lunch the Sunnegga Express will take you back up to the slopes of the Sunnegga/Rothorn are within less than 10 minutes.

Lunch menu



Daily from 06.30pm - 10.00pm

Whether you opt for one of the menus or prefer a CERVO classic from the à la carte list, our straightforward gourmet cooking based on our own recipes is always going to be an excellent choice. Menu and specials see below/left.


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